Miranda is a human bard who appears to be in her late twenties. She is totally mute, and has a large scar across her throat. Other than that, she typically wears colorful clothing and is uncommonly attractive. Her skills as a bard are second to none, helped greatly by her singing sword Bosus.


The party received a quest from Hugo Rune to deliver a letter to Miranda in Capua Torim. Kyran found Miranda in the Bard District of Capua Torim, playing to a large crowd while her enchanted sword, Bosus, sang along. After Kyran and Miranda sorted out the language barrier, Miranda agreed to travel with the party. Miranda’s time with the party seemed short, when she was separated from the party during their fight with Captain Cumore and the Ottam Army. Later, Miranda regrouped with the party in Athan, where she maintains a permanent residence. Due to her healing abilities, she now works as a medic on the party’s ship, Sails of Elven Passion.

Curiously, when the party was docked at the Shukari Undercity, Miranda seemed to be allowed to go wherever she pleased, while many levels of the Undercity are restricted to even high ranking members of the Shukari. The party eventually encountered her in the Great Hall, the most restricted level of the city. It is believed that Miranda wrote the Song of Ashala.

When she is not at sea with the party, Miranda can usually be found playing to large, appreciative crowds, drinking in seedy bars with Janlynn Diamonddeath, or cheating at cards.


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